carsMike Kippentoyota, tundra, sr5

not a toy

carsMike Kippentoyota, tundra, sr5
not a toy
All Chrome Must Die

The 2014 Tundra SR5 comes with a LOT of chrome, and in our case the sweet 90's side steps added just a little more to the whole theme going on. We love the look of the TRD PRO model which is the 'ultimate' Tundra in terms of packages and comes with the headlights, grille and bumpers either blacked out or body color which is what we initially set out to do. 

  1. We added body color grey metallic door handles and mirrors (black from factory) 
  2. De-badged all the chrome Tundra, SR5 and 5.7L badges from the doors 
  3. The headlights upgraded to the Spyder projectors which comes with a OEM-ish LED light bar 
  4. The TRD PRO Grille and hood bulge toughened up the whole front end 
  5. Replacing the 90's side steps are the AMP Research electric power steps
  6. Finishing up the quest to kill all Chrome, the bumpers were wrapped by Wu wraps with a very near body color Vinyl 

The truck now very closely represents the TRD Pro from factory but without the massive sticker price. We love it and it looks a whole lot more aggressive from the front. 

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