Sea Oats Cottage at Ocean Shores

Sea Oats Cottage at Ocean Shores

For my birthday in July, I wanted to surprise Sarah with a trip away for a couple of days and I wanted to find a place on the beach where Molly can have fun playing. I had heard on Kiro radio about people using Airbnb to book trips around washington and was curious to give it a try and see how it worked. 

The App works really well and i really appreciate the simplicity to search on properties in a area with specific Amenities. I wanted to see if we could get a place with internet and Wifi and we stumbled upon a newly built house 'Sea Oats Cottage' which had everything we were looking for and was right on a beach front. I appreciate how you can check out reviews and the rules to the place from one spot and book right away without needing to make phone calls or fuss about with finding availability.

A few clicks later and were booked and paid in full. Based on first impressions alone i will likely be spending time discovering our future vacation spots on Airbnb too. 


YES! Just like the photos. Were always a little hesitant booking from photos in a ad, but in this case this place was every bit of what it was in photos and then some!  This home is actually owned and rented out by 'At The Beach Vacation Rentals, Inc' in Ocean Shores and they seem to own 20-30 properties on the beach and do this as a full time gig. Thankfully this didn't get in the way of a pleasant stay as it was easy to pickup and drop off the keys at their office in downtown which was literally the only time we saw anyone in relation to this place. 

The house must have just been built as it looked and felt brand new tucked away in a small neighborhood overlooking the harbor about 15 minutes outside of downtown Ocean Shores. The back door opens up directly to a path that takes you right onto the beach. 

With 4 days here, we got to know the place really well and If Sarah and I had the opportunity to build a place on the beach it would be nearly identical to this cottage, i mean we liked it that much! Even the colors which the owners picked for the paint was spot on for a place like this. 

Spending the day on the beach, making dinner in the full featured kitchen and then hanging out with the family watching a movie on Netflix. This place felt like we were at home, but just spending a few days on the beach.  

Things we loved about Sea Oats 

  1. House is brand new, beautiful floors, paint and furnishings 
  2. Pet friendly, we had a good place for the doggies to sleep and play
  3. Back door leads right onto a pathway to the beach
  4. Beach was not crowded and with a breakwater was very safe 
  5. Wifi, Cable TV, Internet  and Netflix was a bonus 
  6. Private and quiet enough to sleep in with the doors wide open all night 
  7. Safe and secluded from traffic, Molly was able to play around the house without being monitored at all times 
  8. Included blow up mattresses which allowed us to sleep Molly in the main bedroom comfortably on the floor
  9. Very clean and beautifully built bathrooms with nice fixtures and tiling. 
  10. Well priced and everything as promised 

Things we didn't

  1. 15 minutes away from downtown and restaurants 
  2. No BBQ or grille that we could use on the porch
  3. Would have loved a hot tub :)
See you soon Ocean Shores!