photography for fun 101

I know many people, especially parents that purchase a camera and a 64 GB card and then proceed to take photos without ever downloading them or sharing them. Over the year or so, I realized that I had also started to become victim to shooting photos on our Canon 5D Mark III and then forgetting I had taken them until months later. Unless I have been shooting with purpose and trying to catch a specific session or event, on occasion the photos sit on the camera until the next time I am involved in the post edit workflow.

For example, hanging out with Molly in the living room and she starts doing something sweet – Run and get the camera, shoot some photos and then set it down as we move onto something else.  The fact that I need to get onto the computer, open Adobe Lightroom, import, edit and export in order to share a single snapshot resulted in using the Canon less and my Samsung G6/G7 phone more.

My first interaction with Fuji occurred one evening when out at dinner meeting with a group, a friend of mine Mark had his camera with him and literally sat it on the table. It was small and light – a Fujifilm x-t10 with a F1.4 prime. I was very impressed by the low light performance and the ergonomics. Combined with the fact that it had built in Wi-Fi to share photos directly to his phone – yeah I have to try one of these.

What resulted from this was the purchase of a Fujifilm X-T10, a small lightweight camera with an awesome little APS-C 16.3MP sensor. For a total of just over a thousand bucks, I combined this body with a 23mm F1.4 that is a 35mm equivalent for full frame. After just a couple of weeks using this guy I started to love the photos from it, the eye tracking focus was awesome and the ability to share these photos instantly meant I could use it for snapshots where I would have reverted to my smartphone in the past. 

Just to give you a idea as to the difference in the size and weight of this camera, the X-T1 combined WITH the 23mm 1.4 lens weighs in at just over 24oz, the Canon 5d Mark III BODY alone weighs in at 33.5oz without a lens.  This is a little camera with a lot of ability.  I was so confident in this setup that it was what i had shoved into our bag when George was born. 

Check out some of these snaps which we caught over the last year with this setup. Off the camera, NOT edited.

What do you do when you realize your using your secondary camera more than your primary

After owning the X-T10 for a year, it has become evident that the Canon gear has been getting ignored more and more. So what do you do when you realize your using your secondary camera more than your primary? Well, in our case it seemed that that only time i would go out of my way to use the Canon 5D3 is when i needed to use a different focal length that i did not have with the Fujifilm... And in the 'professional' sense the quality and size of the photos out of the Canon are superior. 

Enter > X-T2 

Fujifilm announced the X-T2 in August, featuring a larger 24MP sensor, a upgraded 1/8000ss ability, dual CF cards, improved auto-focus on top of the already fun and excellent X-T10 which we have been loving to use. So it just makes sense, combine the professional quality with the features we have loved from Fujifilm along with some additional lenses and BAM, you have a formula for a all-around setup. 

For Sale: Lots of Canon Gear

Just a few days after placing the pre-order for the X-T2 this came about... All the gear we had been using over the years of shooting weddings with multiple flashes, bodies, lenses - it was mostly all going to waste and with the decision that we are taking a break from professional wedding photography it was time for the purge and the switch.  In the end all of this equipment is worth almost double used what the Fuji kit costs brand new and that is a huge bonus! 

The Fujifilm X-T2

Its cliche to say, but this camera is somehow making it fun to shoot photos again. The lens lineup is pretty solid with many equivalent lenses built for the APS-C sensor where the 23mm = 35, 56mm = 85 and the 50-140mm a solid example of the 70-200. Going from what took This is my new kit, it fits in one bag and its ready for a couple of snapshots or a full on professional shoot - my neck thanks me :) 

Things i love

  1. Built in Wi-Fi and app allows for really fast sharing of photos when out and about
  2. Mechanical aperture ring on the lenses make for fast adjustments along
  3. Mechanical dials for ISO, Shutter Speed and Exposure compensation are super easy
  4. Electronic Viewfinder is sharp and fast with precise exposure simulation
  5. Really good autofocus with 'eye and face detection' means more 'picks' 
  6. Adjustable screen in portrait and landscape is super useful for low and awkward shots 
  7. Write RAW to card 1 and JPG to card 2 :) 

Things i don't

  1. Battery life isn't great, it will get you through a few hours of shooting, but nowhere near the several days of battery from the Canon. I am blaming the EVF and screen 

Ultimately though, the quality of the color, sharpness, bokeh and the 'feel' of the photos has me hooked. I am not a wildlife photographer, i'm not shooting many long exposures at night although it feels capable of all these things so far its been great for me. 

One thing i learnt about Fujifilm that made me really appreciate their design was how they apparently designed their sensor to mimic film where possible by alternating the pixels on the low pass filter allowing their APS-C sensor to feel so much like a full frame and for high iso images to look like the grain is natural. Not to dive to deep into the technical check out this link

Have I been converted from a Canon fanboi to Fuji - well certainly seems like i'm having fun again. 
Here are a couple of my favorites from this new setup! Off the camera, NOT edited.