2 of a kind

Everyone says 'they grow so fast' but until you have your own kids and try to keep track of them growing up it's hard to believe how true this is. Molly turned 3 in August and George turned 6 months in September and with 2 kiddos it has been really hard to spend the same amount of time doing the types of formal photoshoots we did with Molly. 

With a mostly free weekend and good weather with pretty fall trees - it was decided, we have to do some photos today! We started with a trip down to #MollyMoon Ice Cream in Redmond, WA which put Molly in the best mood ever and then proceeded to drive around for half an hour disappointed with places to shoot photos. 

Enter > Gummie Bears, we’re not above bribing for good behavior on a photoshoot.

Finding an interesting spot with a nice fall backdrop that is not crowded... Redmond is kind of difficult! After a drive through Marymoor Park we decided to find a good trail and hit up our trusty location in Newcastle at Cougar Mountain. We love this spot because there are lots of trails to pick from, lots of very pretty trees and the lighting through the trees can be perfect in the afternoon. 

Finding the right spot where the sun is backlit through shadows is where I find my photography happy place and this location never disappoints! Next, just get the babies to participate in this event and we could end up with some decent photos :) Enter > Gummie Bears, we're not above bribing for good behavior on a photoshoot.  

Molly seems to have Sarah's sick sense of humor and that is typically some form of bodily harm occurring, in this case to Daddy.  I used a giant stick which I searched for in the forest and literally pretended to go full Ninja chop with the stick across my knee and this sends Molly into fits of laughter. It takes a couple of times going quickly from leg breaking action to taking photos, but it worked out great! 

George on the other hand... happy to sit and smile at his own name. :)  Not going to last long. 

If anything, this is a reminder that a shoot like this just takes an hour - good weather, a good location and a bit of prep and there is no excuse not to do this monthly. Time goes by so quickly and it should be a priority to do formal pictures. This is one of our first sessions on the Fuji X-T2 and I totally screwed up by shooting all of these in JPG but still happy with how these turned out even if there was limited ability to make changes in post.