Perfect Pear

October is here and fall is in full effect in Washington with a lot of trees looking more spectacular than ever. This weekend was exciting for us as we had the opportunity to be guests at Mike and Lacey's wedding just outside of Leavenworth by Lake Wenatchee at the Brown Family Homestead. We made plans to stay in Leavenworth overnight so we did not have to drive back 2 hours on windy highway 2 in the pitch black darkness.

Despite being to almost a hundred weddings, Sarah and I have only ever been guests to a handful of them and I must admit that being at this location with this couple and this weather, the wedding photographer in me was dying to shoot some photos, but very happy to just be a guest.  Dont worry, I know the etiquette and I remained seated and out of the way the entire event :) That being said, I did bring my camera with me and I was excited to see what the Fujifilm X-T2 would do given the opportunity to get a few photos from the event to share with the bride and groom. 

Just a couple of hours from Seattle, we made it to #BrownFamilyHomestead with only 15 minutes to spare - WOW this location is awesome! Barns, flowers, rolling hills, chickens and a horse - YES, this place is basically perfect for a wedding. 

I have worked with Mike for several years and I am so excited for him and this day getting married to Lacey - their wedding ceremony took place upon a picture perfect hill with an incredible backdrop. Mike home-brewed an impressive batch of cinnamon pear cider, which presented to the guests before the ceremony for a unique and tasty toast to the bride and groom upon completing their vows.  

As the ceremony got underway, I used the Fujifilm 50-140 and I was able to capture a few really nice moments from a unique angle as a guest. Here are a few which I was able to sneak away with. 

After the ceremony, Sarah and I took a few minutes to capture a few images for our own scrapbook considering the light and the location were just begging for it. Seriously though this was about 90 minutes of the most beautiful golden hour I have seen in a long time - so many opportunities for amazing photos. Did I mention how much we loved this location?

Finishing up the weekend we took a couple of detours on the way back from Leavenworth from Highway 2 - easily one of the prettiest drives in Washington! The fall colors came around strangely in pockets here and there and we tried to take several opportunities to capture a few images where it stood out. Ultimately this has me wanting to go on hikes in the mountains to capture more nature photography and experience locations that are off the beaten track. I am looking forward to getting a 16mm which will help significantly with shooting landscapes. 

Here are a few shots we captured between Leavenworth and Seattle on the drive this morning.

The colors of fall are all around and in Leavenworth were surprisingly beautiful. We would have loved to spend a full day around Leavenworth spending some time capturing some cool images, but unfortunately we were short on time and had to make our way back to Seattle before noon. We will definitely be making plans to visit again in fall and we highly recommend a trip to Leavenworth during this time of year - just be sure to take Highway 2 and enjoy the drive :) 

Congratulations to Mike and Lacey and cheers to many happy years ahead!