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Grahme Kippen 6 Months

We finally found some time a few weeks ago to get together with Katrina (my sister) and her kids Christopher, Bella and the new guy Grahme for Grahme’s 6 month photos.  It was a quick shoot as we had another shoot following in the evening, so we chose to use the studio and just have fun with it. My mom came along to help out with the kids and help with taking some photographs during this shoot – My mom is becoming a pretty great photographer and it was great to work in the Studio together with the kids.  I am building up a collection of some props for shoots and its making for the portraits shoots to be a lot easier with more character – the White backdrop is so classic, but its good to get some changes in there.

Something as simple as a puzzle or a book can really help when shooting a natural photograph. I also invested recently into a natural floor which adds another dimension to the photo, but it really needs a backdrop to go with it.

Katrina thought it would be fun to get the kids to wear some adult clothes and shoes, and it definitely made for some photographs

The kids were really into dancing, and with some music playing in the studio – there was definitely no shortage of dancing during the shoot. I think Christopher has been listening to dubstep or something though, because he had some Craaazy moves going on:)

In the end we got them together after some convincing and then even asked them to share their clothes – they weren’t too happy about giving up their hats to each other, but i’m glad we caught this frame.

Grahme was given this giant moose by Aaron and Jamie when he was born, and its something that we did photos with Grahme when we was only 3 months old. The Moose was also a great prop to use with the kids, although my Mom had to try really hard to get the kids to laugh and smile – sorry Mom, i loved this photo:)

Here are a few of little Grahme – we had to wrap up the shoot really quick – so we weren’t able to get all the photos we wanted. So look forward to more of this little guy real soon.

Just 1 hour in the studio – it goes by so quick, but makes for some pretty awesome photos.