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Some of you may recognize Bryce from working with us in the past and we were so excited when we found out he and his girlfriend finally got engaged, and even more excited when they asked us to do their photos.  They then informed us the wedding would be in Maui and there was no way we were going to miss that!  So in early March the day finally came around, and we all hopped on our flights and headed to Hawaii.

It’s always such a different experience when you go to destination weddings because you get this extended experience with all your closest friends and family.  We had such a great time getting to know everyone.  The  first few nights we were on the island we had group barbeques which were really fun and gave everyone a chance to hang out together.

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The morning of the wedding Jen got ready at their beach house while Bryce enjoyed a round of golf with the guys.  This gave us a chance to take some photos of Jen getting ready and with her parents.

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Then it was time for their first look…

HawaiiWedding-184  HawaiiWedding-210HawaiiWedding-212HawaiiWedding-189

We did a few photos of Bryce and Jen on the beach near their house before heading off for the ceremony.

HawaiiWedding-251  HawaiiWedding-245HawaiiWedding-255  HawaiiWedding-311HawaiiWedding-270HawaiiWedding-288

Their wedding was held at the Makena Beach and Golf Resort, right on a fairway overlooking the ocean.  It could not have been a more ideal location.  It had sprinkled a little on the drive there, but just as we all arrived at the resort the weather cleared up and turned gorgeous.

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The ceremony had a very intimate feel to it, with a Hawaiian minister, butterflies and even whales breaching out in the ocean (unfortunately only the guests seated saw the whales).  The lighting was absolutely perfect, we couldn’t have asked for better conditions.

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Both Jen and Bryce are avid golfers, and before dinner was served the bride and groom had a friendly chipping contest.

HawaiiWedding-652  HawaiiWedding-658

After dinner there was some pretty fantastic dancing (in particular Jen’s Dad), and a send off with bubbles and a ride away on a golf cart.

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We are so grateful to have been able to be at Jen and Bryce’s wedding, and to have taken their photos for them.  It ended up being a spectacular day and meant so much to be a part of our friend’s important day.  We love you guys!


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